Rasmus Lundgaard Christensen

The first week of Social Technologies, focused on the interaction between humans and objects – and how to make people interact. First of all, we had a lecture with Bo Stjerne, who speaked of different types of objects, that changed on human interaction, thereby making people stop, and interact with the object.

Our task, were to design an object, placed in or the area surrounding Kildeparken in Aalborg, a park, heavily dominated by dark areas (in the evening) and different groups during the day. One of the first things, that sprung to my mind, was, that the evenings in Kildeparken, created a feeling of discomfort, due to the different areas laid in black, and only the paths lit up. But the light, makes the contrast betweeen darkness and light, even bigger – therefore an option would be, to place extra lights, thus lighting up, more of the park, but how can you make light, controlled by human interaction?

What’s in a park? And how can we use the existing objects, to make the park better. My suggestion, is to place benches around the trees (if not all, then alot of them), and connect these to lamps in different colors. It would look a bit like this, during the day:

Then the bench should be padded, with sensors, that sensed if people would sit on the bench, then turning on a light, in a color. This would light up, the entire tree, making a beacon of light in the park – and making this visible from afar, and drawing people near =) Well, that’s it for now.

Tune in for more information, Rasmus out!


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